Welcome, herzlich willkommen & bienvenido!

My name is Gabriela and I am a real language lover who likes teaching and learning new things.

I am a professional language teacher, speech and language therapist, and a business voice and communication coach. I love successful interaction and very much enjoy working with people.

As individuals we are all different, and therefore require different approaches and strategies when it comes to language learning. I take great care in combining diverse methods and teaching tools to ensure maximum time efficiency and excellent results.

"In order to be effective, learning needs to be fun!"
So let´s have fun learning German :-)!

A first impression

In short

"The whole art of language consists in being understood."


Studium der deutschen und romanischen Philologie
Studium der Theaterpädagogik
Zahlreiche Fortbildungen im Bereich Spracherwerb, Methodik des Lernens, Kommunikation, Präsenz & Stimme

My principles

Respectful contact

Trusting atmosphere

Individual tailored learning concept

Resource-based learning

Scientifically founded methods

Quality assurance & competence